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Tips & Tricks for Your Best Skin

For Those Who Suffer from…

Acne Prone Skin
  • Avoid heavy moisturizers, especially oil based products – it will clog your pores! Not fun! 
  • Try to avoid dairy, sugar, simple carbs, alcohol (sorry!) and even stress. For those who are sensitive to certain foods this can lead to breakouts and may slow down the progress of your treatments. 
  • Use water-based products: it will give your skin the hydration it needs without breaking you out. Labels that say  “non-comedogenic” are the best.
  • Avoid picking your pimples and blackheads and touching your face with your hands. Leave the extractions to the pros! 
  • Change your pillowcase frequently – excessive oil, dirt, and dust can get trapped causing more breakouts. 
  • Avoid pulling, tugging, and rubbing your skin especially around the eye area (the skin is very delicate). 
  • Avoid tanning beds and direct sunlight. 
  • Stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized. Apply products in a gentle upward motion. Sunblock, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid is your best friend! (RED light therapy is recommended)
  • Avoid tanning beds direct sunlight.
  • Avoid picking your face (this can lead to more scarring, pigmentation, and skin damage).
  • Cover up by wearing long sleeves and hats (as long as you don’t suffer from breakouts on your forehead). 
  • Apply sunblock with UVA/UVB protection of at least SPF 50 or higher. Be sure to reapply every two hours!

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More Skincare Tips

Don't over exfoliate your skin - it can cause irritation and actually do more harm than good especially if you suffer from breakouts.

Make sure your sunscreen has both UVA/UVB protection.

Keep a well balanced diet, meditate, get enough sleep, and simply have "ME" time all aids in good skin health.

SKIP wearing makeup at the gym or when exercising! Makeup covers your pores, causing for sweat, oil, and dirt to be trapped into you skin. This is a perfect recipe for zits and acne. Yikes!

Our phones are havens for bacteria and germs that can transfer to our skin (gross!) so it's important to use alcohol wipes as much as you can to avoid transferring anything onto your face.

Look into using silk pillowcases. Silk is much more gentle for your skin (and hair too!). It helps ease friction while you sleep which can help prevent wrinkles.

If you suffer from breakouts on your forehead, avoid using hats and oiled based conditioners (focus on the ends of your hair only).

Always remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Wash your face thoroughly everyday – People who know me best know I preach a “double cleanse!”

Avoid using towels to dry off your face; the towel hanging in the bathroom is often dirty and harboring acne-causing bacteria not visible to the naked eye.

Apply serums and moisturizers on damp skin – it helps to absorb the products a lot better.

Incorporate more fatty fish, citrus fruits, healthy fats such as avocado, carrots, sweet potato, foods rich in beta-carotene (orange color), and water into your diet to maintain healthier looking skin.

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