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Meet Sabrina, SPLA Founder

I personally understand the frustrations of what it’s like to suffer from a skin condition and invest/waste money in products (that actually did more harm than good), trying the latest trends that supposedly will help, spending time and research, and feel like nothing works. I never stop learning, and continue to grow so I can provide the best services. I want to build a personal relationship with my clients so we can work through this skin journey together. My clients put their trust in me and it’s my responsibility to be there for them. They can always reach out to me even after your session is complete which is something that isn’t always accessible in other places.  

Growing up with psoriasis, I understand the frustration of investing my time and money with products and services that didn’t meet my expectations or have made my condition worse. After years of disappointment in my adolescent years, I decided to pursue my own research and consult with highly trained and educated specialists within the industry, so that I can take control of my skin. This experience has inspired and encouraged me to share my knowledge with with my clients who live with similar conditions and are seeking solutions to help improve their skin. Being open about my skin care journey has strengthened my relationships with my clients because they feel secure in knowing that I empathize with them and can offer professional suggestions based on my personal experience alone.

"During my 6 years of experience in the beauty industry, I’ve worked with many types of skin concerns, ranging from severe acne and congestion, ultra sensitive skin, rosacea, and melasma just to name a few. By treating these various types of skin conditions on a daily basis, I’ve gained invaluable experience in knowing how to best treat all types of skin." - Sabrina

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